Our Sexual Health Clinic is focused on providing treatment both for men suffering from erectile dysfunction and for men and women who want to get a free online consultation, undergo overall diagnostics and receive hormonal replacement therapy based on their diagnosis.

Our Mission

  1. Providing Qualified Consultation

    We begin by talking with you and listening. You’ll have questions and so will we. From there, we help you make an informed decision so together, we can map out your best course of action.

  2. Providing Full Lab Evaluation

    Following the initial consultation, we will have you complete some simple lab work. Together, we will review your lab results & schedule an appointment with a doctor near you.

  3. Designing Individually Customized Treatment Plans

    After the doctor’s visit, we will have a clear understanding of your symptoms. From here, we are equipped to design your treatment program; custom-tailored to fit your lifestyle.

  4. Eliminating Hormonal Imbalance Symptoms

    Since andropause and menopause are triggered by age-related hormone decline, we can simply reverse this decline with quality hormone therapy to relieve your symptoms and have you looking and feeling better.

  5. Treating Erectile Dysfunction

    ED can often be a symptom of health conditions that affect your blood vessels and heart: high blood pressure, diabetes, or high cholesterol. We advise you to have a health check to ensure your ED is not being caused by an underlying health condition.

Our Vision

  • We cultivate an ongoing relationship with each client. We monitor key health markers and make it easy to schedule timely follow-up appointments with a doctor.
  • We offer lifestyle advice to help support the effectiveness of your hormone therapy.
  • We use bioidentical hormones identical to the natural ones produced in your body.
  • We use safe delivery methods that mimic your body’s own natural methods for producing and using hormones.
  • We base all dosages on lab testing.
  • When you’re low on a hormone, we don’t just boost it to the bottom of the “normal” range. Instead, we raise it until you reach the level where you feel your best.

key details about our clinicWhat Makes Us Different?

Individualized Approach

We use variable dosing to deliver the right amount of hormones based on your individual expectations and varying needs.

Minimizing the Risks

We actively monitor your health and hormone levels and make changes to maximize the precision and safety of your treatment, thereby reducing the risk of negative effects.

Improving Life Quality

With a total focus on restoring hormonal balance and quality of life, we’re proud that most of the people we’ve helped have been referred to us by our loyal clients.

Comprehensive Approach

We also approach your needs and treatment comprehensively, looking at all aspects of your health and life.

Utmost Care and Coaching

To ensure we’re providing the right care for you, we listen carefully, and we always strive to do things well, including running with the utmost efficiency and taking all necessary precautions.

Customized Treatment Plans

We treat men with Low T using a new, more individualized approach: personal consultation, customized treatment plans, and dosing are considered.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Sermorelin? What are its benefits?

Sermorelin is a Growth Hormone Releasing Hormone (GHRH). It is produced by the brain and it stimulates the production of Growth Hormone (GH). Sermorelin is also known as GRF 1-29, which is thought to be the shortest fully functional fragment of GHRH. Sermorelin works like a jumper cable to start the production of Growth Hormone (GH) by the pituitary gland.

Sermorelin can improve your mental and physical health, especially in the areas of attaining leaner muscle mass, increasing sex drive and sleep quality, and in general giving you a better quality of life.

What is low testosterone treatment?

Low testosterone treatment is the practice of diagnosing hypogonadism (low testosterone) through a combination of symptoms and testosterone blood values below the lower limit of normal and treating with testosterone injections, gels, patches, surgically implanted pellets, or oral applications. Our clinic uses injection therapy to treat low testosterone in hypogonadal men.

What are the benefits of testosterone replacement therapy?

Benefits of testosterone replacement therapy vary based upon the pre-therapy symptoms and other factors, but they can include the following:

  • increased energy;
  • decreased irritability and depression;
  • improved muscle mass and strength;
  • improved sexual desire;
  • enhanced visuospatial cognitive function and verbal memory;
  • higher motivation;
  • decreased body fat (optimal results received through the accompaniment of a diligent diet and exercise regimen);
  • possible improvement in erectile function;
  • thicker skin.

How does HGH therapy work to reverse the signs of aging?

The introduction of more human growth hormone to your body can improve your ability to repair and replace cells. The purpose is to reinstate the proper balance of hormones, making your body function as it did when you were younger.

  • improves metabolism, resulting in higher energy levels and less fat;
  • regulates sleep patterns, thus improving brain function and emotional well-being;
  • benefits the immune system and the cardiovascular system;
  • increases libido;
  • improves nail, hair, and skin health;
  • can help lower cholesterol and blood pressure.

Is human growth hormone therapy safe?

Like any other medical procedure, HGH therapy has risks and side effects, but ultimately, it is safe when used as prescribed. When administered by a qualified doctor, your doses will be monitored and the entire process will be supervised and analyzed to maximize results and minimize side effects.

How do Trimix injections compare to oral ED medications?

Trimix is an injectable alternative to consumable pills (PDE5 inhibitor tablets like Viagra, Levitra, or Cialis) that is designed to treat symptoms of erectile dysfunction. It has a 90% success rate, compared to only a 60% success rate for men using oral ED medications.

It consists of three drugs: phentolamine, papaverine, and alprostadil, and can be especially effective for patients who are unable to take a consumable alternative because they’ve experienced negative side effects or they’re currently taking nitrates or beta-blockers for heart issues.

Trimix can trigger an automatic erection in less than 5 minutes, unlike oral medications which can take an average of 60 minutes to start working.

What are the advantages of Shock Wave therapy?

One of the main benefits of Shock Wave therapy is that it is not invasive. Men will not need to undergo surgery to see the benefits. Because the treatment can potentially modify the disease, the treatment stands out. Some medicines do not work as well as the patient’s age.

However, studies have found that even men who are older than 60 can benefit. Men who take this treatment do not need to worry about tissue scarring. The penile muscle’s function will be restored once the treatment has ended. This can improve men’s performance.

Another advantage is that the treatment provides accelerated healing. This means patients will not need to spend time recovering after a session. This is not the case with surgeries. Just a few sessions can help patients feel the healing effects.

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